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       Harrington Electric Chain Hoist

Equipment Features for Harrington NER / ER Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington Electric Chain Hoists
HOIST TYPE:  HARRINGTON HOISTS Model NER and ER Electric Chain Hoists were designed using the latest technology while at the same time maintaining a basic simplicity to assure dependability and serviceability.  Since 1876, when Edwin Harrington began his innovative journey, the Company has continued to improve, grow, and provide hoists that have earned a proud reputation.  High and consistent quality is at a level that customers have come to expect and depend on.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Models ER, NER

MODELS – CAPACITIES:  There are two models to choose from.


(Click Here for NER Selector Sheet)

  • Does not have a Weston – style load brake.

  • Available from 1/8 through 5 Ton capacity.


(Click Here for ER Selector Sheet)

  • Does have a Weston – style load brake.

  • Available from 1/8 through 5 Ton capacity.

  • Standard on 8 through 20 Ton capacity.

Lift heights are standard at 10’, 15’, or 20’.  Longer lifts are readily available when needed.

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Suspension Hooks Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Suspension Parts
HOIST SUSPENSIONS:  Hoists may be may be suspended by
  • Hook

  • Push Trolley

  • Motorized Trolley (Single or Two Speed)

  • Geared Trolley

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Motor
HOIST MOTOR:  Hoists provide increased performance through 60 minute duty rating, H4 classification, and Class B insulated motors.  Cooling fins and thermal motor protection are standard.  Horsepower ratings are higher than most others.  Hoist Motors can be Single Speed, Two Speed, or Variable Speed Controlled on some models.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Motor Fan
EXTERNAL MOTOR FAN:  Functions to quickly eliminate motor and brake heat.  This results in improved hoist duty rating and greatly lengthens brake life.  Motor is totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC).


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Motor Brake
PULL - ROTOR MOTOR BRAKE:  This type is extremely durable and reliable.  Its advanced design contains no brake coil.  There are no brake coils to fail, no conventional disc brakes to wear out, and no rectifiers or solenoids to burn out.  The tapered brake drum is self adjusting.  Though advanced in design, it is made up of few parts resulting in dependability and much less long term costs.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Reduction Gears

REDUCTION GEAR:  Gears are constructed from heat-treated alloy steel and are mounted on oil bath lubricated anti-friction bearings.  Helical and spur gears are heat treated and precision machined for long life.  Oil bath lubrication results in quiet, smooth, and cool operation.

The gear casing is a high strength light weight metal alloy.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Friction Clutch
FRICTION CLUTCH:  This long life friction clutch protects the hoist from damage and prevents over winding.  It functions as an emergency upper/lower hook travel end stop as well as protection against overloads.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist - Chain Guides

CHAIN GUIDE:  Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain.  Easily replaced without disassembly of the hoist.  Heavy cast iron construction for improved wear vs. stamped steel or plastic.

LOAD SHEAVE:  Deep-groove pockets fully support the load chain during operation.  Reduces vibration and chain wear and does provide true vertical lift.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Chains

CHAIN:  Is superior quality chain, precision gauged, Grade 80, and nickel-plated.  The Load Chain is heat treated for wear resistance and extended life.

Single Fall Chain is available through 3 Ton capacity.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Controls

HOIST CONTROLS:  Control of hoist functions is by means of magnetic contactors mounted in the control enclosure.  Simple layout of controls and a single swing – out panel make for easy maintenance.  Hinged controller cover provides a standard wiring diagram and allows fast on – site access.

COMPLETELY SEALED BODY:  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications including harsh environments.  Gaskets throughout the hoist provide for IP55 rating.

OPERATING CONDITIONS:  Recommended for -4 – 104 degrees F and humidity of 85% or less.

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Push Button Controls
PUSH – BUTTON PENDANT:  Small, compact, and easy to use with one hand.  Rated IP65.  Strain relief wire is molded to the pendant cord for added support and dependability.  Standard control voltage is 110V.


Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Load Hooks

LOAD HOOKS:  Are forged carbon steel and under excessive loads, will open gradually and not fracture.

Ball bearings produce smooth rotation.  The hook will swivel 360 degrees.  Heavy - duty hook latches are standard.

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Plug-in Connection

PLUG – IN CONNECTIONS:  Pendant conductors and power supply cords are connected via “Quick disconnect” electrical plugs as standard.  This saves time on setup.

Power supply cords are provided as standard equipment with the length determined by model or as needed and specified.

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Voltage
STANDARD VOLTAGE:  208/3/60, 230/3/60, 460/3/60
  • Chain Containers are Recommended

  • Two Speed Lifts

  • Two Speed Motorized Trolleys

  • Motor Insulation Upgrade