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Electric and Pneumatic Chain Hoists - Wire Rope Hoists

At Nelson, Inc. we offer many solutions for your Electric Chain Hoist or Wire Rope Hoist needs.

In Electric Chain Hoists, we can provide Budgit, Coffing, Harrington, Stahl, and Yale brands.  Standard models come as Hook Suspended, Lug Suspended, Manual Trolleys, Geared Trolleys, or Motorized Trolleys.  Capacities range from 1/8 Ton to 20 Ton.

Wire Rope Hoists include Ace, Chester, Coffing, Harrington, R & M, Shaw Box, Saturn, Stahl and Yale.  While most are ordered with Powered Trolleys, models may come as Stationary Mounted, Manual Trolleys, or Geared Trolleys also. Capacities begin at ˝ Ton and range to 110 Ton as standard with custom designs even larger.

Pneumatic Chain Hoists from JD Neuhaus

Special applications may require Explosion Proof and/or Spark resistant features.

  • Long Lift Models

  • True Vertical Lift

  • High Speeds

  • Twin Hook Models

  • Various Suspension Combinations

  • Explosion Proof Models Available

  • Spark Resistant Models

  • Low Headroom Models

Nelson has been here for over two decades with – “Solutions to Meet Your Needs”

Harrington Hoists and Cranes
Harrington Hoists


Budgit Hoists
Budgit Hoists

Coffing Hoists
Coffing Hoists

Lift Tech
Lift Tech
Shaw-Box Hoists
Shaw-Box Hoists

Stahl Hoists
Stahl Hoists

Yale Hoists
Yale Hoists

Ace World Material Handling Solutions
Ace World

Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington Electric Chain Hoists
  • Capacities from 1/8 ton to 20 Ton
  • Large Lifts Available
    Explosion Proof

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Wire Rope Hoists

Wire Rope Hoist Sales
  • Capacities from 1/2 ton to 110 Ton
  • Larger Custom Designs Available
  • Lift up to 300'
    Explosion Proof

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  • Ace

  • Chester

  • Coffing

  • Harrington

  • R & M

  • Saturn

  • Shawbox

  • Stahl

  • Yale


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Budgit One Ton

Budgit Air Hoist

Budgit Half Ton with Push Trolley

Coffing EC Hoist

Shawbox 700 Series

Shawbox 700 Series Double Girder Hoist / Trolley

Shawbox 800 Series

Shawbox Low Headroom Double Girder

Shawbox Open Winch

Shawbox World Series Hoist

[Yale SEL Chain Hoist]

Yale SEL Chain Hoist

Yale Cable King Wire Rope Air Hoist

Yale YEL Chain Hoist