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     Overhead Crane Applications and Help

Determining which Style of Overhead Crane you need comes down to two questions:

  1. What Capacity is required?

  2. What's more important, hook height or hook coverage?


The following are some limitations to Top Running Single & Double Girder Cranes:

  • Side Approach - Due to the location of the runway beams, side approach is reduced

  • Runway Rail - There is an additional cost for the Rail & Installation


Following are some Limitations to Under Running Single Girder Cranes:

  • Hook Height - Due to Location of the runway beams, Hook Height is reduced

  • Roof Load - The load being applied to the roof is greater than that of a top running crane

  • Lower Flange Loading - If you don't size the runway beams properly, you can "peel" the flanges off the beam


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