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     Stahl Wire Rope Hoists


HOIST TYPE:  STAHL’S Model SH Electric Wire Rope Hoist brings the new generation of hoists to the market.

It is designed to meet today's rigid space requirements and at the same time maintains the quality and reputation developed by STAHL during the last 100 plus years of experience.  SH Hoists provide a sturdy product quality,


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HOIST DESIGN:  STAHL is a member of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI).

 STAHL’s certified Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001.



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HOIST MOTOR:  Siemens designed and manufactured, totally enclosed squirrel-cage motors offer dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.  Class F insulation and  embedded PTC thermal sensors for precise overheat-protection enhance the modern design.

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HOIST BRAKE:  Is a Twin-Disc magnetic release design.

It is totally enclosed; rated NEMA 4.  The oversized design provides brake torque of over 150% for maximal safety.

Linings are asbestos free.  The brake is self-adjusting and should require minimum maintenance under normal hoist operating conditions.


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HOIST GEARING:  Smooth running helical gears within a parallel shaft gearbox.  Gear wheels are honed after hardening to provide long life and low noise levels.  The gearbox is lifetime lubricated and maintenance free.


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ROPE DRUM:  Fine machining of the drum grooves reduces the rope wear to a minimum.  Drum grooves are machined to HMI recommended depth of 3/8ths of the rope diameter.  The drum is supported at each end by sealed bearings and is driven directly from the helical gearbox.




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WIRE ROPE:  The wire rope is a high-strength and flexible design for the SH hoist.  The rated capacity load divided by the number of parts of rope does not exceed 20% of the breaking strength of the rope (rope safety factor is 5 or better).  The rope is secured to the drum with three (3) rope clamps.

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ROPE GUIDE:  Extremely wear resistant, made from cast steel alloy.  No temperature limitations.  High resistance to side pull. It provides positive winding of the rope on the drum and prevents rope overlapping.  The wire rope doesn’t ride on the “ridges” which prevents premature rope wear and damage.


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BOTTOM BLOCK:  Sturdy, oversized bottom block with low headroom.  Steel sheaves rotate on double anti-friction bearings.  Forged alloy steel load hooks.  Hook rotates full 360 degrees supported on thrust bearing.  Hook is equipped with a spring loaded safety latch.

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LIMIT SWITCH:  Hoist is equipped with a geared upper and lower limit switch.  Located in the control panel for easy access.  This switch is easily adjusted to set the extreme upper and lower limits of hook travel.  The lower limit prevents “unwrapping” the rope off the drum.

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Stahl SH Hoist Trolley

TROLLEY:  Low headroom design.  Constructed of tubular steel for a high strength to weight ratio.  Balanced load on all 4 wheels. 

Two wheels are driven, one on each side via. a splined cross shaft.  The "close headroom" trolley (shown) supports the hoist on one side of the beam for better high-hook dimension.

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Stahl SH Hoist Trolley Supports


TROLLEY SUPPORTS:  Large round tubes support the trolley “halves”, allow for a wide range of flange widths, make adjustment easy, and support the counterweight.


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Stahl SH Hoist Trolley Drives


TROLLEY DRIVES:  Motorized trolleys are powered by a  2-speed (1:4 ratio) motor.  Smooth acceleration and deceleration rates are controlled by means of an inertia flywheel to minimize load swing.

Trolley brakes and TEFC design are standard.

Heavy duty rating 60% DC (time on vs. time off).

Motors have Class F winding insulation and are totally enclosed.  Motors are protected from overheating by PTC sensors imbedded in the windings.

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Stahl SH Hoist Trolley Wheels


TROLLEY WHEELS:  Trolley wheels are cast steel alloy with self-lubricating properties.  This gives low wear characteristics and long life.  They are single flanged to assure proper alignment on the beam.

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Stahl SH Hoist Controls

HOIST/TROLLEY CONTROLS:  Control of hoist functions is by means of magnetic contactors mounted in the control enclosure.  Contactors are major brand name units.  Fuses are standard for each function.  Fiberglass reinforced control panel, with NEMA4x protection, is attached directly to the hoist.  Trolley drive controls are integrated into the hoist control enclosure also.

Standard control voltage is 110 volts.